I’m embarking on a journey I’ve always been curious about but didn’t know how to do it. I’ve joined a sisterhood circle. Mystic movement. And it’s all about centering. Calmness. Manifesting. I’m desperate to get my mind right. Rid myself of self imposed anxiety. Anxiety is almost like a habit. Crazy, but there are times […]

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Another day of pain

We talked for a second this morning. Through text. But you responded to me. You told me we’d talk tonight. FaceTime. You never called. You never responded. You are the one that told me we were going to. So here I am. Self medicating, however lightly. I’m still holding my breath you’re going to give […]

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I’m numb right now. I’m buzzed. I’m trying to drown myself so I just doze off into the night. See, this is the irony of my life. I’m a fucking rockstar at work. I’m getting promoted next week. Everyone knows me. Everyone comes and sees me. People like stopping by my office. I’m not an […]

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You texted me several times today. That made me happy. It was just casual talk, but it’s the most I’ve gotten from you in two weeks. I went to the music store to show off for you. I serenaded you on the guitar. The mandolin. The banjo. The ukulele. The drums. The piano. I guess […]

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My heart is in pain

I’m laying here in bed still I have no intentions of getting up anytime soon I miss you. I hurt you I hurt myself I’m trying to drown myself in alcohol but I can’t get to it because there’s people in the house who will see me. They’ll see me and they’ll stop me. I’m […]

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Buzzed again

Here I am. It’s 10:18 pm. I just downed so much wine for a quick buzz. To kick in soon to knock me out. To kill pain mostly. I’m buzzed. My little dog is at my feet. All I can think about is how I fuck things up in my life. I’ve lost every girl […]

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